2017 : An encouraging year for CombiHaler® !

The year 2017 has been fruitful for CombiHaler®, our spacer for mechanical ventilation circuits. Several scientific publications published this year reveal the eagerness of the scientific community to work with our spacer for mechanical ventilation circuits, developed jointly with “l’Université de Tours”.

By studying the feasibility to connect CombiHaler® on different types of circuits (high flow nasal canula and single-limb non-invasive ventilation), the first 2 articles (Madney, 2017 and Harb, 2017) have opened up new prospects for the use of CombiHaler®.

The last article published in October (Rodriguez, 2017) presents encouraging results for the treatment of pulmonary infections that requires high antibiotics concentrations. By increasing the dose delivered directly de the patients’ lungs, the dose of antibiotics to the site of infection is increased, systemic side effects are reduced, and antibiotic resistance accrual is potentially limited.

This enthusiasm from the scientific community hints at a very bright future for CombiHaler® and its evolutions of our range of spacers for mechanical ventilation.

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