The OptimHal-ProtecSom Laboratory is present in Dubai for the 44st Congress of Health in the Middle East.

The Arab Health congress takes place, as every year, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. (United Arab Emirates).

Arab Health has become one of the key events in the field of the medical devices industry. This show, with international reputation and worldwide importance, attracts more and more health professionals (developers, manufacturer, suppliers …).

This year, more than 4,150 companies will attend the Arab Health congress, representing 160 countries.


For the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory, this congress is an important meeting, allowing our team to meet and exchange with many distributors …


Join us at the hall Z2 / B37 to exchange with our team and discover our inhalation interfaces dedicated to respiratory diseases like the TipsHaler® valved holding chamber, the OrHal® septal mask and DigitHal, the recent creation of the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory innovative policy.


DigitHal is a sensor and an onboard sensor system implemented on the TipsHaler inhalation chamber. It collects inhalation information and transforms them into a visual or audible signal. Providing these real time data, DigitHal means to improve the technique and patient compliance, which essential parameters are still often missing.


The ProtecSom laboratory is investing more in the fight against dust mites

An information and awareness campaign for people potentially affected by dust mite allergy is born! This campaign is the result of a strong partnership between the Asthma & Allergies Association, the ProtecSom Laboratory and several specialists in allergy.


All united against dust mite allergy

Asthme & Allergies, an association created in 1991, has become the reference actor for allergies and asthma. This association does not stop multiplying the actions for the patients and their needs with the will to accompany the patient in his course of care and to help him to live better with his allergy or his asthma.

Like the ProtecSom laboratory, other partners have lent their support to carry out this communication campaign.


Simple cold or mite allergy, beware of confusion!

Too often trivialized, the symptoms of dust mite allergy are often perceived as those of a simple cold. However, allergic rhinitis that is not supported can have serious consequences.

Clogged nose or runny nose, sneezing, tiredness, coughing, red eyes … These symptoms are as restrictive as they are invasive and have a real impact on the daily life and quality of life of people with allergies.


Indeed, respiratory allergies, constantly increasing, represent a real handicap for people who suffer as they affect their daily lives.

Improve the daily lives of allergic people

As a manufacturer of medical devices for people allergic to dust mites, we place the patient at the heart of our motivation. It is therefore our duty to make every effort to inform people who will be able to put the right words on their ills.

It is therefore natural that we participated in this communication action. Through this and with all the actors, we want to inform about the various symptoms of dust mite allergy, to encourage to make a diagnosis with their doctors, and to present the solutions which will be able, in a durable way, to improve the daily of people allergic to dust mites.


Discover now this communication campaign 


More information on Asthme & Allergies website:

Interview with Lucie, Manufacturing Manager

Lucie started in March 2012 in the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory as a seamstress before being given the position of Manufacturing Manager.


Lucie, can you describe your Thjob in 3 words?

  • Organization
  • Management of time 

What is your job ?

Au quotidien, je m’occupe de la gestion de production de nos ateliers de fabrication. Plus précisément, je mets en place des moyens et des outils qui permettent d’améliorer continuellement nos ateliers de fabrication, de manière à allier hausse de la productivité et bien être des salariés.

The manufacturing workshop, what is it ?

The manufacturing workshop is where we make our dust mite covers, from A to Z! The fact that our products are medical devices requires a traceability and transparency of our products. The manufacture of our dust mite covers requires a know-how worthy of the greatest sewing workshops!


What motivates you to work in the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory ?

Working within the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks that leave no room for routine. To flourish in a company where the main mission is to improve the daily lives of people with allergies is a real source of motivation.

Tell us briefly a typical day ?   

There is no typical day in the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory. Every day is different, that’s what I like !

Use your inhalation chamber effectively in 5 steps

If you or someone close to you suffers from respiratory diseases like asthma or COPD, a doctor may have prescribed an inhaled treatment with a metered dose inhaler (MDI) and a valved holding chamber.



Discover 5 tips for using your Tipshaler® inhalation chamber.

Check the metered dose inhaler

Make sure the MDI is not empty.

Remove the caps and shake the inhaler

Remove the cap of the aerosol dispenser then shake it vigorously (perform this action again if it has not been used for more than 10 minutes).

Purge and insert the mouthpiece into the inhaler

Purge the first puff in the void. Insert the mouthpiece of the MDI into the adapter on the back of the inhalation chamber.

Place the mouthpiece or mask correctly

Place the mouthpiece of the chamber or the mask on the mouth and nose, and slightly to allow the mask to adhere well to his face.

Release a dose of the medicament

Release a dose of medication on the MDI, while holding the mouthpiece or mask on the patient’s face. Release the number of puffs prescribed by the doctor.


Wait at least 15 seconds to be sure the patient is breathing well (2 or 3 inhalations), then remove the mouthpiece or mask from the mouth.

Repeat according to the doctor’s prescription.

Find these steps in a short video: 

Extract from the guestbook – Dust mite covers

2018-02-01 - Commentaire Housse anti-acariens ProtecSom - Guest Book







“I have equipped 3 beds with Texaal Coton covers since 2005. I am very satisfied: both in terms of their effectiveness on allergies, their quality and the seriousness of the after-sales service. Due to a problem of zipper, I very much appreciated the guarantee and the exchange of the product very fast. Thank you for your responsiveness and kindness. “


Extract from a satisfaction questionnaire “Dust mite covers”


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