Issuance of the European patent for the IsoBreath® valve

In 2012, Optimhal-Protecsom invented the IsoBreath® inspiratory valve, specificaly designed for the TipsHaler® valved holding chamber.


This conical anti-turnaroud valve, with a slight opening at rest, permits to modulate the inspiratory flow of the patient without generating inspiratory resistance for toddlers.


It promotes deep lung deposition of fine particles and limits drug deposition in the oropharyngeal area.

Inspiratory Valve IsoBreath - TipsHaler

The European Patent Office, the authority in charge of granting European patents, has just officially issued the patent for this IsoBreath® inspiratory valve.


It’s a recognition of OptimHal’s research innovation capabilities and it reinforces OptimHal’s team in the commitment to develop new effective devices for the millions of patients suffering from asthma or allergies around the world.

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