Choosing the valved holding chamber that matches your treatment needs

1 – First, the valved holding chamber should easily adapt to your MDIs. It is thereby better to choose a spacer which is adapted with all metered dose inhalers.


2 – For young children, using a mask allows a better inhalation. It must perfectly fit the child face in order to avoid any leakage and reduce dead volume to the maximum.

3 – A device easily disassemble is a smart choice. Indeed, valved holding chambers should be regularly cleaned for better hygiene.

4 – Choose an easily transportable valved holding chamber, in order to take it everywhere with you.

5 – The quality of valved holding chamber’s components is crucial. Indeed, some components can affect the user’s health, such as latex which may cause allergic reactions.

There is no universal valved holding chamber. Each of them responds to a specific need. Only your  doctor is able to choose  and prescribe a valved holding chamber  according to your  treatment.