Our products

Laboratoire Protec’som’s holding chambers are designed to optimize inhaled treatments and to favor  patients adherence to their treatments (good follow-up of the treatment) in asthma and respiratory diseases. Each of them corresponds to specific needs.

  • Valved holding chamber for metered dose inhalers

Tips-Haler®, the valved holding chamber optimized for control treatments and especially inhaled corticosteroids.

Itin-Haler®, the first medical silicone valved holding chamber specifically designed for asthma exacerbations and ambulatory treatments.

  • Holding chamber for patients under mechanical ventilation

Combi-Haler®, the holding chamber for mechanical ventilation circuits. Designed to allow the simultaneous use of a metered dose aerosol and membrane nebulizer, such as Aeroneb®, it doubles the amount of aerosol deposited in the lungs.