Our mobilization and solidarity against COVID-19

Within the evolving context and under the national measures implemented to ensure everyone’s safety in the COVID-19 epidemic, our teams, especially those of production, remain mobilized and united in order to ensure the production of the devices essential for medical staff and patients.

Inhalation chambers for the drug delivery in the context of mechanical ventilation


We are facing new and very specific requests for inhalation chambers from hospitals. We aim to respond positively to every case in order to provide our help and our material support to every hospitals departments concerned.

Given the risks associated with nebulizations that can disseminate COVID-19 via droplets emitted in the patient’s environment, inhalation chambers are indeed the best alternative for the administration of inhaled treatments.

Mask production in partnership with Dans Ma Culotte

Within this epidemic context, our teams quickly adapted and mobilized to help caregivers, medical staff and every workers particularly exposed to COVID-19.

We have for instance increased our partnership with the company Dans Ma Culotte which specializes in washable sanitary napkins and which we had been collaborating with since 2014. This production has been changed inside our workshops into the manufacture of masks made from anti-projections tissue, washable and reusable up to 30 times. This system, validated by our R&D team, aims to protect the most exposed people to the virus as much as possible.


Anti-mite covers: production and shipping maintained

As confinement can sometimes contributes to the exacerbation of allergics symptoms, our production of anti-mite covers and their shipment are also maintained to meet the needs of allergic patients.