New ProtecSom dust mite protection mask

Protecsom dust mite protection mask

For patients allergic to dust mite particles, handling bedding is a tricky action. This is why the ProtecSom laboratory has developed the respiratory protection mask.

When changing the bed sheets, many dust mite particles are released in the air. This can cause allergic reactions and lead to symptoms such as coughing, itchy skin, runny nose or breathing problems.

In addition to dust mite protection covers, ProtecSom has developed washable respiratory protection masks that effectively reduce dust mite allergens inhalation.

New dust mite protection mask : quality, comfort and safety made in France

Manufactured in France, ProtecSom dust mite protection masks are made of Evolon® “EVO 80 S2” monolayer fabric that provides excellent filtration (3µm particles: > 90.8%), while maintaining high breathability (air permeability > 204 L.m².S-1 for a depression of 100 Pa).

Due to its many microfilaments, the Evolon® fabric is very resistant. The dust mite mask can indeed be washed up to 20 times without any loss of quality.

Thanks to its permeability and its filtration properties, this textile is validated by the DGA laboratories (French General Directorate of Armament) and is certified OekoTex 100, which guarantees the absence of toxic substances.


Dust mite mask    ProtecSom dust mite protection mask 

An effective solution in addition to the ProtecSom dust mite covers

ProtecSom offers different ranges of medical devices dedicated to people allergic to dust mites. ProtecSom products fit all needs and budgets.

Learn more about ProtecSom dust mite covers Texaal® Cotton, Texaal® Polyester, Noxaalon® and Noxaalon® Bamboo ranges on the ProtecSom online shop.

For any questions related to our dust mite medical devices, please, contact us via the online form or by phone at +33233887094.

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