Following its US one, DigitHal® gets its Canadian patent

After its US patent issued in May, the medical technology DigitHal® gets its Canadian patent on August 31.


Resulting from OptimHal’s research, DigitHal® is a French technology which makes the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber smart.

This innovative technology optimizes drug delivery through MDIs and inhalation chamber. DigitHal® enables patients and caregivers to accurately see inspiratory and expiratory flows. This information makes it more relevant to take medication and leads to a better patient care.

DigitHal®: towards a better asthma patients’ adherence and management

For patients, DigitHal® provides a digital support: it strengthens their motivation to use the inhalation chamber and guarantees its correct and efficient use. This device aims to respond to the lack of compliance in asthma patients by regularizing the monitoring and by improving the treatment intake.

DigitHal®: towards a better caregiver support for asthma patients

Coupled with an application, DigitHal® is an important data source for the medical profession. Thanks to the information provided by this tool, patients get a better support by caregivers.

DigitHal® allows a precise and stable measurement of inspiratory and expiratory flows without disturbing either the amount of inhaled drug particles or their size.

Another recognition for the DigitHal® project, winner of the 2017 Galien Medstartup Prize

In October 2017, the DigitHal® project received two prestigious awards at the Galien Medstartup Prize ceremony in New York City. The OptimHal laboratory team was indeed awarded for Best collaboration with academia (in partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University) and Best patient engagement technologies (in partnership with the Association Pulmonaire du Québec).

DigitHal récompensé au prix galien medstartup

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