ProtecSom-OptimHal present at the 2ème Biennale de l’Espace Francophone de Pneumologie (Quebec)

From 12 till 14 October, the Convention Center of Quebec welcomes the 2me Biennale de l’Espace Francophone de Pneumologie.


The laboratoire ProtecSom-OptimHal will be present during this Congress gathering of several healthcare professionals and healthcare researchers of more than 25 French-speaking countries.



Theme : The medicine of precision

The theme of this 2nd edition “The medicine of precision” proposes to the patient a personalized treatment and adapted to the characteristics of the patient and its pathology, by taking into account its physical and sociocultural environment.


This initiative has for objective to guarantee a sustainable cooperation with the French-speaking countries, to ensure the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and finally to strengthen the development of collaborative research projects in pneumology.


For more information : 2me Biennale de l’Espace Francophone de Pneumologie.


Valved holding chamber TipsHaler® optimized for lung deposition of inhaled corticosteroids

In order to provide an actual progress to patients as well as caregivers, this initiative represents an opportunity for ProtecSom-OptimHal to introduce the valved holding chamber, TipsHaler®.

TipsHaler® is an innovant medical device which allows to limit upper airway depositions and to promote drug deposition in the deep lung, where the medicine is needed.


Mask OrHal® avoids nasal inhalation

Partitioned pediatric mask OrHal® will also be presented, which prevents from medicine deposit in the nose, and allows more deposition of drugs deeper in the lung during inspiration.


Dust mite bedding covers : a full fledged medical device

As well as our valved holding chambers, we will also show dust mite bedding covers as Texaal® Coton and Texaal® Polyester as well as Noxaalon® and Noxaalon® Bamboo ProtecSom-OptimHal covers design, manufacturing and control process is ISO 13485 (standard of fabrication for medical devices). It protects patients from dust mite allergens.


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