The OptimHal-ProtecSom Laboratory is present in Dubai for the 44st Congress of Health in the Middle East.

The Arab Health congress takes place, as every year, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. (United Arab Emirates).

Arab Health has become one of the key events in the field of the medical devices industry. This show, with international reputation and worldwide importance, attracts more and more health professionals (developers, manufacturer, suppliers …).

This year, more than 4,150 companies will attend the Arab Health congress, representing 160 countries.


For the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory, this congress is an important meeting, allowing our team to meet and exchange with many distributors …


Join us at the hall Z2 / B37 to exchange with our team and discover our inhalation interfaces dedicated to respiratory diseases like the TipsHaler® valved holding chamber, the OrHal® septal mask and DigitHal, the recent creation of the OptimHal-ProtecSom laboratory innovative policy.


DigitHal is a sensor and an onboard sensor system implemented on the TipsHaler inhalation chamber. It collects inhalation information and transforms them into a visual or audible signal. Providing these real time data, DigitHal means to improve the technique and patient compliance, which essential parameters are still often missing.


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