Presentation of an innovative valve holding chamber prototype aiming at cure newborns during the CPLF congress in Paris



The 24th French Language Pneumology Congress (CPLF) took place in Paris on January 24th. This annual conference allows to more than 5,000 healthcare professionals to discuss the discoveries and innovations in the treatment of allergy and asthma.



A medical device noticed by the scientific community

Only 30% of newborns are able to inspire enough to open the inspiratory valve of valve holding chambers.1 Moreover, most of valve holding chamber have a dead volume not allowing to children under 1 year of age to inhale efficiently their treatment.2 Facing these facts, the OptimHal-ProtecSom team has developed NeonatHal®, a valve holding chamber without inspiratory valve. This prototype was introduced by Thierry Porée, the Scientific Director of OptimHal-ProtecSom, to the scientific community during a communication selected on abstract by the CPLF Scientific Committee.



Already promising results

The results are very clear, NeonatHal® use allows to double the delivery of bronchodilators at their action site. These results pave the way toward new studies aiming at determining until what age NeonatHal® offers a clear clinical benefit for the treatment of asthma.


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