A UFC Que Choisir study highlights the benefits of anti-dust mite covers and confirms the efficiency of Texaal® Cotton covers

Logo UFC Que ChoisirIn March 2021, the association UFC Que Choisir carried out a comparative study on the following theme: “Anti-dust mite products: the right choice and alternatives to consider“.

UFC Que Choisir, as a consumer protection organization, is an expert, independent and militant association whose aim is to inform and advise consumers objectively through surveys and tests.

This comparative study included tests of various protective devices against dust mite allergens, including anti-dust mite covers. Let’s decipher the positive results obtained by Texaal® Cotton anti-mite covers manufactured by the Laboratoire ProtecSom.


The comparative study conducted by UFC Que Choisir therefore looked at several covers on the market: integral anti-mite covers and a standard cover. This analysis focused on the anti-dust mite nature of these products and allowed us to reaffirm the benefits of integral covers on the one hand and to highlight the efficiency of Texaal® Cotton covers on the other. In conclusion of the comparative study, Texaal® Coton covers received an overall rating of 18.9/20.

What makes it so effective? First and foremost, its composition!

Texaal® Cotton anti-dust mite covers are composed of weaved cotton microfibers. 100% cotton, this fabric retains the naturalness, softness, lightness, and strength of a classic cotton sheet. Its exclusive Texaal® weaving process, developed and patented for the Laboratoire ProtecSom, makes it an impenetrable mechanical barrier for dust mite allergens.

This very dense weaving process, in addition to being as effective as coatings, makes the covers more comfortable: the absence of a coating eliminates any plastic noise and rubber sensation.

A real differentiating factor for Texaal® Cotton anti-dust mite covers, which do not alter the comfort of bedding and encourage patient observance.

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